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Set against the backdrop of the current invasion of Ukraine, Bone & Thread delivers a striking exploration of intergenerational trauma and resilience. Focusing on the extraordinary artwork of Ola Rondiak who was inspired by her grandmother’s survival of 13 years in a Soviet prison camp, Bone & Thread illuminates the profound impact of war and displacement on one's sense of identity and home.

Bone & Thread weaves together the history of four generations of maternal history into the art of Ukrainian artist Ola Rondiak, centered on the incredible story of her grandmother Paraskevia Michniak, who used fish bones to embroider religious icons while imprisoned for 25 years at a Women’s Strict Regime Prison in Mordovia, Russia during World War II, providing a vehicle for women's personal and political expression. Against the backdrop of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, the film highlights the enduring impact of Michniak's resilience and sacrifice and the ongoing fight for freedom by women on the front lines in present-day Ukraine.

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