Memories of the Future

In Progress: Created by dipping negatives in the rising tides of the Atlantic Ocean, Memories of the Future is a meditation on the slow decay of civilization due to climate change. To realize this work I visit coastal locations that are threatened by sea level rise. Using a 1950s Roleiflex camera I take pictures of quotidian events in the cradles of human civilization and then submerge the negatives in the same sea water that threatens these places. Thus far I have photographed in Venice Italy, Red Hook and other locations in New York. This coming October I will photograph Roman ruins in Arles and later in the year visit Pacific Islander communities with a specific focus on their great scientific advances in star navigation and ocean craft (access has been granted to interview some of the last ship builders). These images will be complimented by ambient audio, location specific music and memories of the people who have lived in or have visited these places.